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Oh God, the QMi 'Friends Only' banner is too adorable!
isn't ittt? i'm proud of it, lol~ i'm betting better at banners/headers, so yay!!
You should be! It's totally cute. *loves on QMi*
hey lover, hmm so i cant figure out how to add u as a friend,,, lol helpo me.... oh and ps stacy moved her LJ and FB she wanted me to let you know lol, i wish u guys would keep still, here is here new lj ...
LOL SORRY BABY! i'm not gonna be moving anymore after this! and YOU can't talk, how many lj's did YOU swtich? LOL XD <333
Luv your new journal, totally super qt!
thank you! :DD
I want to be added. :[
of course bb!
i was being lazy and making everyone friend me first, lmao.
the shihan virus


→ write a continuation of the story linked below
→ 500 words minimum
→ you have 7 days
→ comment to the main story entry with your continuation
→ include the name of 1 person to whom you are spreading the virus
     » you may pick someone who has already written as long as it isn't the last person who went

7 days. survive or die.
you'll add me right? :(
i totally did not know you changed your lj username T_T
aw, it's okay! i moved without really telling anyone, lmao. XD
added, of course! <33
We have had contact. XD

Look at the icon and you may figure it out XDD
Nope, no idea who you are ^^
Lies! All lies!! XD
Me? I would never!
Noooooo of course not!
idk how else to get in contact with you, haha, all jess' fault -
but bottom line, i just wanted you to have the chance to know about the activity check at paran_ooc cause id hate myself if you somehow missed it. so anyway, thats all i wanted to bug you about XD
Hey~!! :D
This is my new LJ :P I moved it from taixi to this :P